Fri 18 Jan 2019

UX Design Trends 2019

Emergence of new technologies has given rise to new human behaviours, which require new experiences. So what’s in store for UX design 2019?

Fri 26 Jan 2018

Design Trends of 2018

Having reflected on tons of content, I have tried to compile and list down trends which has the potential to shape the course of 2018’s design evolution.

Sun 05 Nov 2017

7 Reasons why influencer marketing is doomed

Who would have thought that the latest “buzz” would fizzle out so fast?

Sun 01 Oct 2017

Designing Words and writing interfaces.

5 tips to blur the line between writing and designing to create a successful user experience.

Wed 27 Sep 2017

Psychology-based copywriting: What, Why and How?

A handy guide for writing better copy