Wonder Cement's Ek Perfect Shuruaat

Role: Copywriter | For: Wonder Cement



Wonder Cement, a part of the RK Group was trying to establish itself as a brand within the cement industry. All it needed was a core thought to reflect its inherent philosophy of being perfect in whatever it does.


Cement is deemed to be an unglamorous commodity. This is largely due to the fact that people don’t see it’s underlying value it has on humankind. Everything that a man starts, he starts with cement. The foundation of a bright future, a school, begins with cement. The foundation of a new bond - a family life, begins with building a home - which begins with cement. Thus, with this insight, I contributed in developing "Ek Perfect Shuruaat" as a central brand communication.


As a copywriter for the brand, I leveraged “Ek Perfect Shuruaat” to achieve the following.

•  A growth of 400% on Facebook, 200% on Twitter and 20% on LinkedIn

•  Drastic growth in regional sales.

•  Better organizational branding ensured more people seeking jobs at Wonder Cement